'When the machines rock.....they sound like this'.... Well the machines did rock and music can never be the same again

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"The Touring Principle" site is now closed ... many thanks to everyone who helped along the way and to the many great friends I've made, its been fun ....

"Electronic Sound Magazine"

"Back Stage"ebook (with added tour photos) PDF version for Android phones/tablets, Windows phones/tablets, iPhone, iPod and even desktop machines is now available for download only £6.99


Last few hard back books at special price £11.99 +p&p (UK only)

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"Back Stage" review by Tom Artrocker's editor in chief artrocker

"Back Stage" review from my good friends at The Electricity Club now on-linee_club

Record Collector reviews "Back Stage"

"Back Stage" is in memory

of Cedric Sharpley ...a friend truly missed

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