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Back Stage

A book of reflections


(high resolution)

With 52 added pages of photos and Memorabilia

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"That's why I enjoyed reading this book so much. It gives a voice to so many people that were vitally important to me, and to what happened to me, in those early days. I was grateful to them then, and I remain grateful to them now."

Gary Numan





"Backstage: a unique insight into the most prolific years of the UK’s most successful and enigmatic electronic rock star, Gary Numan. 

This book documents the period from 1979 to 1981, which saw Numan at the peak of stardom. 

A time that many will remember for the white face, the eyeliner, the dry ice and pounding synthesiser sound of the early eighties, Numan emerged from the wreckage of punk with five number one records and sell-out live shows across the globe.
This is the inside story in the words of those that were directly involved in producing some of the most influential electronic pop music of the time. 

Over a period of two years, I interviewed most of the original band members, record company executives and the technical crew responsible for Numan’s spectacular live concerts. 

All the interviews were conducted in person and everyone has expressed themselves openly, often with a great deal of humour and a fondness for their time spent with Gary.
With contributions from Gary Numan himself ,Chris Payne,Rrussell Bell,Cedric Sharpley ,Jim Kerr,Andy McCluskey,Nash The Slash,Richard Jobson,John Foxx,Jerry Casale,Martin Mills,Steve Webbon,Tim Dry, the anecdotes, memories and unseen photographs contained in Backstage reveal many new facts and insights into the man and his music and many amusing tales of his meteoric rise to fame."

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